No Fault

The Marks Law Firm represents medical providers in collecting their denied and outstanding No-Fault claims. Insurance carriers often put up resistance when it comes to paying for perfectly legitimate medical bill claims, many insurance companies systematically and arbitrarily deny No-Fault claims for a variety of reasons such as peer reviews, policy violations, independent medical exams and claim delays for outstanding verification. These insurance companies expect that the medical provider will not seek to collect on the bill. Fortunately, our firm has the skills, tools, and knowledge to help you obtain the compensation that you are legally entitled to as a medical provider. You do not have to put up with unfair denial tactics and strategies, our firm is fully prepared to go up against any insurer, no matter its size and has successfully collected millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Our firms unique systems and procedures were created to facilitate the filing and collection of claims in an expeditious and effective manner AT NO COST TO YOU!

Required Documents to pursue your No Fault Claim:

  • Assignment of Benefits (AOB)
  • Outstanding Bills (NF-3)
  • Proof of Mailing
  • Denials for bills (NF-10)
  • Medical Records for the injured person
  • Verification requests and responses